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2018 MB Scholastic Open Chess Championship

Date: Nov 25, 2018            Organizer: Piche

MB Scholastic Open         Swiss

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
45561Theo Wolchock1121522168W10 WB8 WW5 WB2 DW4 W4.5 
46712Derek Ma1121052125B7 WW11 WB3 WW1 DB6 W4.5 
47623Leah Schwartz1112271260W17 WB10 WW2 LB7 WW9 W4.0 
52254Max Russo815201539W12 WB6 DW8 WB5 WB1 L3.5 
55685Zachery Gies1213621387B15 WW9 WB1 LW4 LW11 W3.0 
54926Ievgeniia (Diana) Furda712941323BYEW4 DB11 WB9 DW2 L3.0 
56077Borys Angel6854876W2 LB13 WB17 WW3 LW16 W3.0 
52138Zachary Piche513291319W13 WW1 LB4 LB12 WW10 D2.5 
55109Aibike Myrzaibraimova712461234B16 WB5 LW12 WW6 DB3 L2.5 
558010Michael Sun4938969B1 LW3 LB15 WW14 WB8 D2.5 
532911Carter Marshall913011283B14 WB2 LW6 LW17 WB5 L2.0 
557312Leonid Samonin7818845B4 LW14 WB9 LW8 LW15 W2.0 
558913Alia Myrzaibraimova2744729B8 LW7 LW16 WB15 LBYE2.0 
563614Weiyuam (William) Cheng5653654W11 LB12 LBYEB10 LW17 W2.0 
551815Dulain Pathirana4769757W5 LB16 DW10 LW13 WB12 L1.5 
563816Asher Schwartz3485495W9 LW15 DB13 LBYEB7 L1.5 
563517Justin Cheng2469462B3 LBYEW7 LB11 LB14 L1.0