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Regular September Tournament 2016

Date: Sep 25, 2016            Organizer: Piche - Henson

unr. - 1361         Swiss

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
52251Max Russo613611377B7 DW8 WB4 WW3 W3.5 
51322Nicolas Denysenko912211229W8 DB7 DW6 WB4 W3.0 
49453Joshua Huston-Earle712121206B5 WW4 LW7 WB1 L2.0 
54154Gabriel Hamm911121124W6 WB3 WW1 LW2 L2.0 
53175Eric Loewen9935953W3 LB6 LB8 WW7 W2.0 
54926Ievgeniia (Diana) Furda5unr.763B4 LW5 WB2 LW8 W2.0 
53297Carter Marshall710781071W1 DW2 DB3 LB5 L1.0 
52138Zachary Piche31035997B2 DB1 LW5 LB6 L0.5 

unr. - 868         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
52081Inti Nemoga-Stout5868956W4 WW5 WB2 WW3 WB6 W5.0 
54272Aidan Krak3747829W3 WB6 WW1 LB5 WW4 W4.0 
54343Daniel Markuza8708712B2 LB4 WW6 WB1 LW5 L2.0 
54934Daniel Koval10unr.668B1 LW3 LB5 WW6 WB2 L2.0 
52095Tyler Huston-Earle5833791W6 DB1 LW4 LW2 LB3 W1.5 
53236Jeremy Huang7695654B5 DW2 LB3 LB4 LW1 L0.5 

unr. - 658         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
54251Elazar Schwartz2589675W2 LB6 WW4 WB5 WW3 D3.5B3 DW3 WW2 W
52362Zostrianos Gross5522596B1 WB3 WW6 WB4 LW5 D3.5W3 WB1 L
54963Yanyu Lei6unr.565B4 WW2 LB5 WW6 WB1 D3.5B2 LW1 DB1 L
53354Nolan Coughlan7658661W3 LW5 WB1 LW2 WB6 W3.0
54205Jeff Pan3619584W6 WB4 LW3 LW1 LB2 D1.5
54956Xavier Downey5unr.407B5 LW1 LB2 LB3 LW4 L0.0

unr. - 438         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
54701Aiden Peters5367473W6 WB3 WW2 DB5 DW4 W4.0 
54782Brogan Wawryk5438460W4 DW5 WB1 DW6 WB3 L3.0 
54973Yuzhou Lin1unr.500B5 WW1 LB6 WB4 LW2 W3.0 
54944Marek Song2unr.472B2 DW6 WB5 LW3 WB1 L2.5 
54305Krrish Bakshi5413409W3 LB2 LW4 WW1 DB6 D2.0 
53366Arden Coughlan4347311B1 LB4 LW3 LB2 LW5 D0.5