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Regular May Tournament 2016

Date: May 1, 2016            Organizer: Piche - Henson

862 - 1609         Swiss

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
46711Derek Ma816091613B8 WW6 WB7 WW2 WB3 D4.5 
47622Leah Schwartz811531215B10 WW7 DW5 WB1 LB6 W3.5 
54153Gabriel Hamm810201112B6 LW10 WB9 WW5 WW1 D3.5 
53294Carter Marshall610911116B7 LW9 WB6 LW8 WB10 W3.0 
53185Martin Riquelme312041196B9 DW8 WB2 LB3 LW7 W2.5 
51506Darian Chakhmouradian911641181W3 WB1 LW4 WB7 DW2 L2.5 
52267Rayan Roy1012171215W4 WB2 DW1 LW6 DB5 L2.0 
53198Nicolas Riquelme511281124W1 LB5 LW10 WB4 LB9 W2.0 
52139Zachary Piche210561035W5 DB4 LW3 LB10 WW8 L1.5 
520810Inti Nemoga-Stout4862838W2 LB3 LB8 LW9 LW4 L0.0 

705 - 750         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
54681River Tavares11750810W2 LW4 WB3 DB2 WB4 WW3 W4.5 
54252Elazar Schwartz1705721B1 WW3 LB4 WW1 LB3 WW4 L3.0 
54343Daniel Markuza7708708B4 LB2 WW1 DW4 WW2 LB1 L2.5 
53234Junsong Huang6713695W3 WB1 LW2 LB3 LW1 LB2 W2.0 

unr. - 594         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
54731Udhay deep Chatha6508624B4 WBYEW5 WB2 WW3 W4.0 
54202Jeff Pan2594619BYEW3 WB4 WW1 LB5 W3.0 
54753Cole Hoeppner3545548W5 WB2 LBYEW4 WB1 L2.0 
54474Kyler Messner3543514W1 LB5 WW2 LB3 LBYE1.0 
54885Haley Pratt5unr.368B3 LW4 LB1 LBYEW2 L0.0 

unr. - 284         Round Robin

NameGradeOld ratingNew ratingRoundsTotalPlayoffs
54861Eric Sun3unr.522B3 WW4 WB2 WW3 WB4 WW2 L5.0 
54852Daniel Jun4unr.463W4 WB3 LW1 LB4 WW3 WB1 W4.0 
54493Silas Piche0284330W1 LW2 WB4 WB1 LB2 LW4 W3.0 
54874Dorothy Quesney3unr.276B2 LB1 LW3 LW2 LW1 LB3 L0.0