**Ratings on this page were last updated on 2019-06-03. See Tournament results for your new rating after the latest chess tournament.
**Ratings on the top 25 and top 50 lists only contain ratings for students who have played at least one Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association tournament during the last year. Ratings on the search and by grade pages contain ratings for all students in the Chess'n Math database.
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Grade 1

Jiang, Ray200
Kakumanu, Aarav360
Peppler, Devon236
Piche, Kivrin279
Rodriguez, Geo383
Shi, Jayden569
Sorgard, Lydia487
Suri, Aarav518
To, Calvin722
Torri, Dhriti360
Torri, Krish311
Xing, Max288
Zhang, Bryan398
Zhang, Hanya282
Zhu, Juncheng286