Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association News

December 9, 2021: We are hoping to resume in person chess tournaments in 2022. No dates have been set yet. A requirement will be that all players and spectators are fully vaccinated. Stay safe! Check back soon for updates!

December 8, 2021: Free online chess tournaments for scholastic players are resuming Dec 12 (1pm), Dec 14 (4pm), Jan 9 (1pm).

  1. You must be registered at - it's free!
  2. Go to the MB Scholastic Chess team and join the team! Only those who have joined the team can participate.
  3. Upcoming tournaments will be announced in the team. Click on a tournament and join the tournament to play!

May 1, 2021: Tournament results from the Manitoba Provincial Chess Championships have been posted. Unofficial ratings for this tournament have been calculated.

Congratulations to the provincial winners in each grade who will represent their grade for team Manitoba at the National Championships!

April 16, 2021: The dates for the National Championships have been set for June 26-27, 2021. Exact times are still being worked out - keep in mind this event is being played in each time zone across the country at the same time!

September 30, 2020: No in person chess tournaments are currently being organized for 2020-2021 due to COVID-19. Stay safe! Check back soon.

The Manitoba Scholastic Chess Association is a non-profit organization. It is run entirely by volunteers who give their time in order to bring the game of chess to as many students as possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Jeremie Piche by e-mail: